Friday, August 15, 2014

Where to Find the Free Online Auto Repair Manual You Need?

If you need an online auto repair manual that can help you precisely fix your problem, the internet has an incredible amount of car care information. What you won't find however, is a Chiltons or a Haynes auto repair manual, because they're copyrighted material. You don't need them anyway, because there are a lot of good car repair web sites with individual pages or articles that can solve your specific problem.

In fact, you'll find articles on all kinds of car fix and vehicle maintenance topics, such as
  •     auto body repairs
  •     automatic transmission replacement
  •     bleeding brakes
  •     car audio systems fix
  •     changing oil
  •     finding the causes for a bearing failure
  •     how to install a replacement ignition system
  •     how to upgrade an exhaust system
  •     troubleshooting car stalling
  •     troubleshooting car starting problems

and much more.

Here is a good place to search for vehicle fix manuals: Go to the search site at and type in the problem you want to solve - and the likelihood of finding the instructions you need is high. On this website you can also post your problem on an advice and discussion board, and get your problem solved almost instantly by an expert in this repair field or by an ordinary person who has experienced your problem and solved it already or might know where to go to get the answer you need. And it doesn't cost you a cent.

There are many other good websites where you can get an online auto repair manual that will fit your needs. Go to and type in [the problem you want an answer to]+repair manuals, and you should find lots of valuable vehicle repair resources that might solve your problem.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Looking For Car Parts Then and Now!

When I started to drive in my late teens it was customary to buy a banger then spend the next year or so doing it up. First we go down to the car auctions, to get what we thought would be the deal of the year, then after driving it home we would find out exactly what we hade bought and why it was in the car auction in the first place.

Of course nothing would dampen my spirits, it was my first car and my first taste of real freedom. So off I would go with close friends to the local scrap yards, where we would walk the old cars scouring for the relevant Car Parts to make my banger into my dream machine.

Looking back on this experience, it was amusing as nothing was priced, you took your tool kit, removed the parts yourself sometimes in extremely dangerous situations with old cars towering above you.

As you took your parts to the man at the gate, he gave you a price off the top of his head as we were young and clearly not in the money, a price would be given that was clearly cheaper than those that turned up in newer cars.

Within our toolboxes would be the bolts and little odds and sods we picked up when we were lying on the ground. I had asked once how much these were, but they were never bothered so I always got these for free.

However things have changed now. There are still scrap yards around, but instead of being able to sell your car to the scrap man, when it was off the road, we now have to pay him to take it away for us. New European laws control the disposal of cars and the materials they are built of, making it harder for your typical scrap yard to make money. In fact it is sometime more trouble than it's worth. Gone are the days when they would take in any car, now they look at the car parts value, to see if they should have the car in the yard or not.

However the Internet has come to the rescue as it has with many industries. You can now search for car parts on the web across several if not hundreds of scrap yards at the same time. By typing in your car part requirements into a form, which is then distributed throughout the scrap yards at the same time, you can save yourself time and money. Of course if you get more than one reply you can chose the cheapest price or nearest to get to.

I don't need to search for parts now; it is the turn of my son who of course has got the Internet off to a tee. It may a romantic notion, but it is a shame he can't go through the same phase of searching and then stripping down an old car to make his good. Ironically I think he would enjoy it as much as I did at his age, even I it was more dangerous than I would like to admit.